Industries We Service

Power Generation


Our products are installed in a wide range of applications and can be found throughout the plant from the Coal Prep, Boiler, Turbine Deck, to the back end AQCS process.

Food & Beverage


The Midwest is the bread basket of the United States..  Our customer base includes meat processors, baking, brewing, distilling, bottling, dairy, confectioners, among others.  Our products can be found in a variety of applications ranging from utilities applications to the process piping and systems.

Ethanol / Bio-Diesel


  The Midwest is a world leading producer of agricultural products, so it makes sense that the supply of these abundant renewable resources are utilized for industrial benefit as well as food production.  PEC-KC’s sales territory is highly populated with ethanol and bio-diesel plants.

Water Treatment


Good quality water is an essential resource that no one can do without.  With that said, water treatment facilities are critically important to see that the supply of water to their customers isn’t interrupted.  PEC-KC maintains a local inventory on widely used valves that are suitable for the industry.

Wastewater Treatment


Wastewater treatment and the process demands are in a constant state of upgrade and scrutiny from an environmental standpoint.  With the growth of population into newly developed areas and increased treatment demands, PEC-KC is positioned to be a strategic supplier to the majority of the valve, actuator, and instrumentation products required to meet those demands.

Oil & Gas


The downstream and midstream markets continue to stay strong as demands continue to be high, although political policies and imports continue to put a strain on local producers.  Production wells are operating despite global economic impacts driving prices down, and pipelines and terminals continue to push product to the point of use.

Refining / Petrochemical


Our country’s demand for refined products is as high as it has ever been.  This industry continues to be one of the most talked about industries in the global economy.  Few other industries in the USA are effected by the global economic impacts as this one.  Prices at the pump are a constant hot topic, and our demand for fuel in America is insatiable.  

Chemical / Pharmaceutical


In America we love our pets, farm animals, and our green grass / crops.  In the Midwest region our chemical and pharmaceutical customers specialize in producing the industry leading brands that we have all valued in our homes and lives.  PEC-KC supplies products to many of the manufacturers in our area and have been able to solve many of the technical and safety issues commonly found in these facilities.



Original Equipment Manufactuer’s (OEM’s) play a key role to expedite project construction, provide high quality process solutions, and offer technical solutions to the end user market place.  PEC-KC supplies our products to these large scope suppliers in several industries.  Our equipment is installed in applications such as a bakery to a gas metering skid to a power plant.



Our products are commonly utilized in larger systems that are typically utlilized in heating and cooling systems in high rise buildings, data centers, entertainment arenas, and light industrial facilities.  Comfortable work environments are critical for companies to achieve optimum productivity of their respective employees.  In order to accomplish that these facilities have large mechanical systems that employ chillers, boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, and heavy duty piping systems.

General Manufacturing


Our sales territory has a wide range of general industrial and manufacturing facilities that employ a wide variety processes in their production that require our products.  Customers include large scale manufacturing facilities that produce commercial aircraft, automobiles, foundries, cement manufacturing, steel production, tire manufacturing, as well as the smaller manufacturing facilities that supply components to these and other industries.

Engineering Design


Kansas City and the region is one of the most densely populated areas of the country of engineering firms.  The projects that are worked on are on the map globally.  Nearly every industry is supported by one of the firms in our sales area.  PEC-KC supplies products to these projects through our distribution channels as well as serving as a manufacturer’s representative on large projects.